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We are the world's leading short video content creation and distribution platform adhering to the mission of "let the world see more beautiful".

The platform mainly provides copyright business operation services content promotion services content distribution services AI intelligent advertising services etc.

It is committed to providing users with simple fast efficient and high-value content open platform.


In the traffic support plan the videos uploaded by members will be released simultaneously on multiple platforms through the AI technology of the Creators Alliance platform and the video creators will receive platform rewards when the number of videos played reaches the specified number.

To attract users and expand market share the platform will spend $2 billion on promotion and marketing and the platform is now recruiting video creators.

After joining us you can obtain the right to use a number of video Copyrights on the platform to ensure the legitimacy of video creation Uploaded videos will be released simultaneously on multiple platforms through the platform's AI technology and video creators will be rewarded by the platform when the number of videos played reaches the specified number.

Post videos or refer members to receive incentive program rewards.
Full platform coverage, hundreds of millions of users to empower advertising.
Constantly explore the value of high-quality video and recommendation algorithms.
AI technology is automatically distributed to other platforms.

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Creators Alliance Limited has announced plans to invest $2 billion in strategic marketing to accelerate its global market expansion strategy.
2024-05-07 14:07
CA's strategic investment will primarily focus on market promotion, brand building, and content creation. Firstly, the company will increase its investment in digital marketing and social media advertising to enhance brand awareness and user acquisition efficiency. Secondly, CA will strengthen collaborations with creators and production teams worldwide to launch more high-quality, diversified original content to meet the needs of various audience demographics.
Creators Alliance Limited announces its upcoming expansion into the West African market of Ghana.
2024-05-28 12:00
Accra, Ghana, May 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, Creators Alliance Limited (hereinafter referred to as CA), a globally renowned video content creation platform, announced its official expansion into the West African market of Ghana and the establishment of the CA Charity Fund. The fund aims to provide financial support and medical assistance, actively fulfilling the company's corporate social responsibility. This move marks CA's further expansion of its charitable efforts worldwide, committed to helping more communities in need and promoting regional economic and social development.
Creators Alliance Limited to Launch Core Incentive Mechanism to Drive Market Expansion and Increase User Revenue.
2024-06-12 15:06
Los Angeles, California, June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Recently, Creators Alliance Limited (CA), a globally renowned short video monetization platform, announced the launch of a new core incentive mechanism—the {User Growth System and Points System}. This initiative aims to foster market expansion and provide additional income opportunities for more users. According to the company's latest data reports for the first and second quarters, CA plans to invest $500 million in this core incentive system over the next three years, accounting for 25% of its total marketing expenditure.

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What are Creators League newbie rewards and how do you get them?

Creators Alliance Rewards are Creators Alliance’s way of saying thank you to our global user community. This is the bonus currency earned under the Creators Alliance push deposit program. When existing users invite new users to join the platform, they can earn Creators Alliance rewards. Once a new user creates a personal account and enters through a friend's invitation code, the referrer starts making money. To earn more through Creators Alliance promotions, new users can participate in regular video viewing tasks on the page. These will enable new users and their recommenders to receive Creators Alliance rewards. This type of video viewing activity is usually time-limited. Therefore, new users must watch the video within the stipulated time for both parties to be eligible for the bonus. Keep an eye on the event page for the latest updates and offers!

What can I earn with Creators Alliance rewards?

You can exchange your hard-earned Creators Alliance deposit bonus into real money at a conversion ratio of 1 gold coin = 1 USDT. But that's not all! In some countries, you can also receive in-kind rewards or a fixed salary at Creators Alliance. Prizes may be redeemed for cash at a fixed exchange rate. Contact your Creators Alliance manager for more details on what incentives are available in your country.

How to withdraw Creators Alliance cash rewards?

The process of withdrawing your Creators Alliance winnings in cash is very simple. All you have to do is link your wallet address payment channel (such as TRC-20 or ERC-20) to Creators Alliance and withdraw the required amount. Making money with Creators Alliance is that easy!

Is there a minimum or any limit on the amount I can withdraw?

Since Creators Alliance is a global platform, withdrawals in different countries will have different thresholds and restrictions based on local taxes and laws. Users can withdraw cash only if they adhere to these guidelines. For example: the minimum withdrawal threshold for Official Creator is 30 USDT, and the minimum withdrawal amount for Famous Creator is 100 USDT. The minimum withdrawal amount for Professional Creator is 300 USDT. Now, if a user has 135 USDT, they can withdraw 100 or 30 USDT and continue to accumulate more coins. However, if you reach 300 USDT, you can withdraw the entire amount in one go. New users are exempt from handling fees and taxes for their first withdrawal. Subsequent withdrawals using TRC-20 will deduct 7 USDT in handling fees and taxes, and each subsequent withdrawal using ERC-20 will deduct 21 USDT in handling fees and taxes. Withdrawal time will be within 1-5 working days.

Is there a limit to the number of Creators Alliance rewards I can receive?

Currently, there is no limit to how many Creators Alliance referral rewards a single user can receive under Creators Alliance Rewards. All rewards and benefits are superimposed. Those with greater ability and outstanding performance will receive more rewards. Do Creators Alliance rewards expire? Once users receive Creators Alliance rewards, they will not expire. However, some limited-time rewards and benefits are time-limited. We may terminate these rewards programs at any time. We will notify all users in advance on the website channel so they can receive Creators Alliance rewards before the program closes.

Can I lose my Creators Alliance rewards in other ways?

Users generally do not lose earned Creators Alliance rewards, however, if the account is found to be fake or spam, they will not be able to withdraw Creators Alliance coins in any way.


The predecessor of the Creators Alliance, "NewEra Archive Inc", was born in November 2020. It is a social media and digital marketing tool company.
Due to the company's development needs, it transformed into a short video community.
The company adds video AI matrix publishing function.
The company carried out structural reorganization and received US$7 million in Series A financing from Australia's AirTree Ventures Capital, and has received several rounds of financing.
Decide on the tagline "An app made for happiness".
The company has reached preliminary cooperation with 9 film and television companies and signed copyright agreements.
The total number of registered users exceeded 500,000.
The economic value of creators continues to rise, and the company has added traffic assistance plans.
The total number of registered users exceeded 1,000,000.
Developed system functions for unlimited video waterfall flow, community functions and information flow advertising.
Learning from the experience of TikTok’s US ban, the company further strengthens the protection of users’ privacy and network security.
The short video track has reached a turning point, and the company has joined hands with 35 companies including Kwai and TikTok to discuss cooperation and deliver creative content.
It received tens of millions of dollars in Series B financing, jointly invested by RIT Capital and Acton Capital Partners.
The total number of registered users exceeded 2,000,000.
The Market Research Department dispatched investigation representatives to conduct on-site market research on the Oceania market for half a year.
The market research department dispatched investigation representatives to conduct on-site market research on the Central American market for a period of three months.
The Market Research Department dispatched representatives to conduct on-site market research on the European market for three months.
Announced the launch of the traffic million plan, and will continue to invest US$100 million worth of traffic resources in the next three years to cultivate user habits.
After completing the market research in Central America, the company selected several high-quality regions based on market analysis to prepare for promotion.
The Oceania market research was completed and the company established an Oceania branch in Australia.
After the European market research was completed, the company established a European branch in the UK.
The creator economy will reach 5 trillion US dollars by 2027, and the Creator Alliance will lead the creator economy.
Creators Alliance Inc. announced plans to invest $2 billion in strategic marketing to accelerate its global market expansion strategy.
Creators Alliance announced its official entry into the Ghana market in West Africa and the establishment of the CA Charitable Fund.
The Creator Alliance will launch a core incentive mechanism to promote market expansion and increase user revenue. It will invest $500 million in this incentive system over the next three years, accounting for 25% of its total marketing expenditure.

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Eligibility for accession

The Creator Alliance User referral eligibility criteria are very simple, all you have to do is have an active Creator Alliance account and you can start referrals. However, all existing users as well as new referrals must meet a minimum age requirement to enjoy the benefits of the referral program.

The Creators Alliance's global minimum age standards are as follows:

Egyptian users must be at least 21 years old.
Users in Japan must be at least 20 years old.
Korean users must be at least 19 years old.
Users from all other countries must be at least 18 years old.
Referral incentive plan

New users must meet the eligibility criteria for Creators Alliance Rewards in order for them and their referees to receive Creators Alliance rewards.

Each new user must meet the following Creators Alliance guidelines, and users should:

Never created an account on Creators Alliance.
Never downloaded the Creators Alliance app on its device before.
Meet the age standards of your country.
Same country as recommender.
How many people can I recommend

There is currently no cap on the number of referrals, users from Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia can only invite a maximum of 5 new users per day, the number of referrals from other countries varies daily, please consult your manager for details.